2017 Happy New Year 恭祝全球华人 新年快乐
  • Honorary Judges, Film Actor, Film Producer: Tom Cruise

  • Honorary Judges, Hollywood Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Head Judge,President of Master Shot Motion Pictures Inc.: Stephen Chang

  • Judge Member,Director: Barry W. Levy

  • Judge Member,Hollywood film director: David Winning

  • Judge Member,Director of Master Shot Motion Pictures Inc.: Allisa Swansonn

  • Judge Member,England action movie actor: Silvio Simac

  • Judge Member,Director of the US Canada film association: Guyle Fraser

  • Judge Member,American action movie director: Jon Hess

  • Judge Member,North American Film & Television Union Actress: Natasha Wilson

  • Judge Member,American film director: Scott Hughe

  • Judge Member,The Film Director of UBC Film Society: Turner Steward

  • Judge Member,North American model, actress: Holly Barkwell

  • Judge Member,North American film producer: Nancy Hicks

  • Judge Member,President of Hess Film Production: Geoffrey Bell

  • Advisory member,President of Pyramid Production: Stewart Hinds

  • Advisory member,Director & Screenwriter: Ian Lade

  • Advisory member,North American Film Critics: Robert Young

  • Advisory member,Former Mayor of Port Moody BC: Joe Trasolini

  • Advisory member,Professor in University of British Columbia: Joel Friedman

  • Advisory member,Film Expert: Vance Vagas

Canada Golden Maple Film Festival


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  • Trading

  • NanHong Agate

  • For One Night

  • Origin

  • An Enslaved Princess

  • Qi Town, Wait for Me

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